[tex-live] Problems with seminar.cls

gerald.kroisandt at gmx.de gerald.kroisandt at gmx.de
Tue Jan 8 17:43:17 CET 2008


after having installed Opensuse 10.3 I recognized that teTeX was
replaced by Tex-Live.
In fact, this resulted in a catastrophy, because I can compile all my
old talks using
seminar.cls with some effort and must force now dvips to produce
landscape slides
(was not necessary earlier, and with pdflatex I haven't found any
solution yet,
i.e. there I can only obtain portrait format!!!),
but I also used the feature to bring up one part after the other on the
and this feature results now in a crash of ghostview!!!

I tried now to switch to beamer.cls, but this resulted in missing
capital letters in the
middle of a sentence...

I reactivated now an old computer with teTeX and I will load down the
last version of
teTeX next weekend in order to be able to proceed working as efficiently
as before...

Gerald Kroisandt

Dr. Gerald Kroisandt
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