[tex-live] mathdots

Claudio Beccari claudio.beccari at polito.it
Wed Jan 2 15:37:18 CET 2008

Dear Sebastian, I think I found a bug in TL2007, a small one, really...

the tex/generic/mathdots/ folder contains only mathdosts.sty wich is
usable only by LaTeX; but the first statement check if the file is being
processed by LaTeX: if not, it inputs the TeX version mathdots.tex.
The bug is that mathdots.tex is in doc/generic/mathdots/ and this folder
is just for documentation, it is not on the (La)TeX search path.
I suppose mathdots.tex should be moved to tex/generic/mathdots/ but a
user who is operating on a Linux/UNIX/MacOSXbox (probably also on Win
boxes) might have difficulties because the textmf-dist/ rooted tree is
operable only by the administrator/superuserI did it on my Mac, but I
think it would be better with the next 2008 release to have TL
configured so as to put it in the proper place.

With a great Thank you and my best wishes for a Happy New Year!

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