[tex-live] metapost on Mac OS X 10.5

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jan 1 00:48:57 CET 2008

        checking for ANSI C header files... no

So the basic question is why that test failed.  I'm supposing MacOSX
10.5 really does have ANSI C headers, but maybe there is some bug in
them, such that Autoconf concludes otherwise.

Hans, if you look in the config.log file, you'll find the file that
configure compiled to do the test, along with the exact invocation to do
it.  Can you post that?

    I am not sure if this affects tex-live compilation: 

If STDC_HEADERS is not declared, then c-std.h will certainly default to
char; that's nothing new.  (You can also work around the problem with
-DALLOC_RETURN_TYPE=void.)  Perhaps I should change it to always use
void, since I rather doubt any systems we care about use char, these days.

So, in that alternative ... Hans, if you change line 57 of
kpathsea/c-std.h from
#define ALLOC_RETURN_TYPE char
#define ALLOC_RETURN_TYPE void
does compilation proceed?


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