[tex-live] Not so good experience with TL net install on windows.

Bruno Piguet bpiguet at teaser.fr
Sat Aug 30 10:25:45 CEST 2008

Karl Berry a écrit :
>     The VM problem is caused (almost certainly) by not removing the old
>     environment variables /before/ installing
> Really?  I did not gather that, but I guess I must have failed to
> comprehend all the mail.  I was under the impression that the old envvar
> settings messed up the post-install running of TeX to process documents,
> not installation.
> This would imply the VM problem should be reproducible: make the old
> envvar setting (whatever it is?) and try the install.  If the VM failure
> happens in that case, and then does not happen when the old envvar
> setting is removed, that would certainly be a clue :).
> Can you or other Windows folk do that?

    Sorry for the late answer, I couldn't come back on this until this 
week-end. I think this case is closed now, but I write this for the record.

    I can confirm that, in my case, old envvar settings caused the VM 
problem at the end of the installation process (I guess during the 
format building), not during the running of TeX to process documents.

    Here is what I did :
    On my computer, I have a TL-2007 installed.
    During my first try (really as a dumb user : double-click on 
install-tl.bat, select scheme-full, keep all defaults; click on the 
"Installer teXLive" button), I hit the VM problem.
    Then I renamed all TL-2007 envvars, excluded the TL-2007 bin dir 
from  the PATH, re-started the installer, and went through the all 
process again (sorry for the waste of bandwith). It worked fine, and I 
now can  process documents.

   I don't think that there is a need to re-set the old envvar setting 
and retry the install to prove the impact of these envars, but I'm ready 
to do it, if it can help diagnose the details of what's happening.


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