[tex-live] [nodblaccnt]{t5} workaround?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon Aug 25 12:19:44 CEST 2008

> I wrote a script which produces (amongst other more useful things)
> test pages from Dominique's config/ucf files.

The ucs package is no longer maintained...

> I'm having trouble with the Vietnamese encoding though. In the
> latin-b.ucf file there's a section:
> {
> PACKAGE [nodblaccnt]{t5}
> U+01A0  \horn O                 # [Ơ]
> U+01A1  \horn o                 # [ơ]
> }
> But I can't find the t5 package in the current vntex package,

This package no longer exists; it has been replaced with vietnam.sty

> and I cannot find the nodblaccnt option mentioned in any of vntex's
> files either.  Pdflatex dies with:
> ! LaTeX Error: Command \horn{O} unavailable in encoding T5.

Hmm.  t5enc.def defines \horn.  Perhaps adding a simple




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