[tex-live] tl2rpm: TeX Live 2008 packages to rpm converter

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Aug 25 00:17:47 CEST 2008

    I hope most of the TeX users will figure out how to install a missing
    part even though scheme-basic would be the default. 

FWIW, from talking to mathematicians at conferences, etc., my experience
is that most TeX *users*, as opposed to developers, just install the
system and that's the end of it (as Robin has reported at his site,
too).  They don't want to mess around with TeX.  They want to write
their papers.

Of course I realize that such TeX users are a tiny fraction of Fedora
users.  So I don't know how to solve it.  Can the Fedora installer have
texlive-scheme-full for some and texlive-scheme-basic for others?

Also, I continue to think that texlive-scheme-basic is too basic.  Even
just for processing documentation.  If the documentation uses *any*
non-core LaTeX styles, scheme-basic will not be enough.  How about
scheme-medium or scheme-tetex?


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