[tex-live] Not so good experience with TL net install on windows.

Bruno Piguet bpiguet at teaser.fr
Sun Aug 24 11:34:37 CEST 2008

Thanks for your help.

  I've just tried the same full installation, on the very same same
machine, running mandriva 2008.1 (as a standard user), It just needed a
few hours less (11h instead of 13, I don't think the difference is
significant), and completed OK.

 So, the time is due to my configuration.
 Regarding the virtual memory problem, I'm going to switch to windows,
and have another try without "old" TL2007 environnement variables (As
Phil suggested).

  Anyway, when the time will come to do real installations, I think I'll
stick to DVD images, or a local mirror (wget and/or rsync).

  Thanks for all your work,

Bruno Piguet <bpiguet at teaser.fr>

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