[tex-live] LaTeX takes ages to complete.

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Fri Aug 22 15:47:20 CEST 2008

Marc van Dongen <dongen at cs.ucc.ie> writes:

> Dear forum,
> I installed TeX Live (2007) a few months ago and it has been working
> like a charm. However, since recently LaTeX is requiring a lot of time
> to complete as it builds hyphenation trees and does lots of other
> irrelevant (?) things.  Also it is creating a local directory called
> ./~/.texlive2008/ in each directory where I run LaTeX; this never
> happened before.

It would seem that somebody (Debian?) has installed a development copy
of TeXlive 2008 on your system with some settings that are only
interpreted properly when using TeXlive 2008.  Brace expansion could
possibly be among those.

Another possibility is that you did not actually install TeXlive 2007,
but rather such a development copy.


echo $HOME

show your home directory?

I certainly hope that your problem can't be reproduced using the current
development system, or that would be a showstopper for the impending
TeXlive release.  However, from what you posted on comp.text.tex
previously, I don't think that you are using TeXlive2008 binaries.

David Kastrup

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