[tex-live] tl 2008 most-likely-final rebuild

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Aug 22 03:19:58 CEST 2008

I did one more rebuild of TL 2008 -- mostly a few doc updates, a couple
minor infrastructure fixes, etc.  There are new powerpc-linux binaries
since the last round of bug fixes hadn't been incorporated yet.  No
other binary changes.

We also did not update all the packages that have come through CTAN the
last few days.  And, Jindrich, just so you know, we did not try to solve
the .ARCH/.win32 issue, that'll have to wait until later.

Since there have been no changes to the sources, I left
texlive-20080816-source.tar.lzma as the current source archive, both for
download and in Master/support.  The dates on the other tarballs are now
texlive-20080822.  Hope that doesn't confuse.  It was just convenience
for my update.

Unless something major is reported in the next couple days, this will be
what gets burned onto the DVD's.  (Manfred, please grab this new version
for your image.)

At some point shortly after that, we'll resume normal package updates.


P.S. As I send this, the .iso has not quite finished lzma-ing yet.
Hopefully nothing untoward will happen at that last step.

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