[tex-live] tl2rpm: TeX Live 2008 packages to rpm converter

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Aug 19 20:20:01 CEST 2008

    The problem is that there is "depend xecyr.ARCH" in section related to
    xecyr in the texlive.tlpdb so there is no way for a dependency
    resolver to figure out the package is available solely for win32.

Sorry, I still don't exactly understand why it is a problem.  How about
simply inferring it from the fact that there is no xecyr.<arch> in tlpdb
for anything but w32?  That's what we do, I think.

In other words, given "depend xecyr.ARCH" in texlive.tlpdb, if there is
no package named "xecyr.i386-linux" (or whatever), then you just ignore it.

Oh, maybe there is another answer: I could move the xecyr .bat's into a
separate package, say xecyr-w32.  Then the xecyr package could say
"depend xecyr-w32.win32" and there would be the explicit clue that it is
for Windows only.

I could move pngtools into wintools to get rid of that special case, but
I guess it won't help unless xecyr gets solved.  (BTW, I was thinking of
another package when I said before that it should be removed; xecyr is
fine and should stay.)

Perhaps Norbert can be of more help here ... Norbert?

    Replacing it with "depend xecyr.win32" will solve it.

I guess in theory; in practice I don't think the current code has any
way to intuit such a thing when it's generating tlpdb.  It seems overly
complex to add all that for this one tiny case.

    The similar case is collection-wintools. It is for win32 arch
    exclusively but there is no way to find it out.

Aside from the above, it's not unreasonable to have a special case for
collection-wintools, since it is, well, special.  It is the only
collection not contained in any scheme and is magically installed (by
default) only on Windows.

I'll answer about default schemes separately.


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