[tex-live] linguex in texlive snapshot

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Sun Aug 17 19:35:41 CEST 2008

Robin Fairbairns scripsit (17.08.2008 18:58)
> i've done a few myself, but it's ineffably tedious -- as witness the
> tiny number of entries thus marked in the several thousand total in the
> catalogue.
Yep, that's why it is very important to avoid loosing information about what
has been done. I hope this field is or will be used by all involved people.

>> Agreed, and also there should be a way to indicate contradictory statements,
>> like "lppl any version" and "you shall not modify" in the same file, as it
>> sometimes happens.
> which, is being interpreted, "other-nonfree".  i changed a package from
> lppl to nosell this morning, since the author had added the proviso that
> no part of it should be included in a package for sale.
If it remains like that, sure. But sometimes it just means the author made a
mistake (as with the (in)famous docstrip default headers) and should be
contacted for clarification.

> at present, there are two people who write catalogue entries: rainer s
> (for the packages he installs) and me (for everything else, and for
> packages who never had an entry in the first place).
Well, looks like Frank sometimes do, to.  Anyway, frank and other people in
Debian are checking licenses and are share the information (positive and
negative) up to the Catalogue.

> to widen the collaboration, we need something better supporting the
> enterprise, than a subversion server.  (imo)
Oh. I was precisely beginning to think that the svn of the Catalogue could be
a good basis. Let's read your arguments.

> as the (only) person who does significant quality work on the catalogue,
> i've lots of scrappy little notes about what's in progress, what needs
> to be done, whatever...  if we set up a collaboration, we need something
> to hold scrappy little notes, not well structured statements about
> entries.  work in progress, that is.  not necessarily related to a
> catalogue entry.
In TL we have a TODO file at the root. Not that it's the perfect tool, but a
free-form field in each entry and a few free-text todo files in the svn could
be of some help for such scrappy little notes.

> i have no idea how to do such a thing.  but then i've already said i
> want no part of setting up collaboration: i merely offer to collaborate
> if i'm wanted when the time comes.
Well, currently we have the good old mail-robin-when-encounter-problem method
of collaboration. The question is, do we need a more effective method (who
would use it) and what needs to be done to set it up (then who wants to set it


> robin

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