[tex-live] TL2008 installation under Windows

Gregor Zimmermann gregor.zimmermann at physik.uni-leipzig.de
Wed Aug 13 15:21:48 CEST 2008

Hi Manuel,

>> Furthermore, 'pdf(la)tex' is not an option as long as the only
>> > vector-graphics (read: high-quality) format produced by many
>> > applications is EPS 
> I don't fully agree on this point. You can still compile with latex+dvips and
These routes work as long you are not typesetting large documents with 
hundreds of graphics (vector diagrams interspersed with high-resolution 
bitmap-data) - dvips just takes ages...

> use psview or ps2pdf and any pdf viewer, or convert your eps graphics to pdf.
Haven't found a decent vector graphics program with full PDF edititng 
support either - so I'm stuck with CorelDraw and EPS...

> Anyway, I'm afraid it's really too late to change anything about this.
As users doing a NET install have internet access anyway, at least a 
shortcut labelled 'DVI-Viewer' could be placed in the start-menu group, 
which leads to an internet page specifically describing the installation 
procedure (i.e. reproduce the content of the DVD's 
'/support/dviout/README' together with a direct link to this archive).

And what is the purpose of the bin-xdvi.win32 package then anyway?

>> > 8)
>> > tlmgr: The convenient little button to edit the 'updmap.cfg' from 2007
>> > is greatly missed.
>> > 
> Iirc, this is on purpose.  The rationale is that normal users don't even know
> what it is, and are very likely to break things by editing updmap.cfg.  Expert
> users are generally able to open the file themselves. It's also a way of
> remembering the user that he's playing with dangerous things.
Normal Windows users do not play with the tlmgr in the first place (as 
long as everything is working). The button had the advantage, that those 
same users could incorporate proprietary fonts (Futura) with relative 
ease when provided with a TDS-ready archive and short step-by-step guide 
(by me, obviously :).

  > Well, the first point about texdoctk is that it is unmaintained 
since some
> time, and some replacement should probably be rewritten from scratch. By the
> way, I'm just thinking, I wonder if it's a good idea to promote (I mean, put a
> shortcut on the desktop) a somehow unmaintained software like this...
It isn't helpful. Could the search function of texdoctk be 'redirected' 
to call texdoc somehow?

>> > 11a)
>> > Settings-Printer: lpr won't do any good (with these options). Syntax
>> > would be:
>>> >> lpr -S {Server Name or IP} -P {Queue Name} [-o l]
>> > where '-o l' is to be used for binary data like PostScript.
>> > Unfortunately guessing a working IP might prove impossible and '-S
>> >' for local printer(s) also does not work as Windows provides
>> > no lpq(s) for them...
> What would be relevant values for windows?
I have no idea, but you might use 'print /D:PRN filename' as 
alternative, where '/D:' gives the device and where PRN=LPT1 (see 

Best Regards,

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