[tex-live] REVTeX4.1 update in preparation

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Aug 10 23:56:38 CEST 2008


Thanks for the note.

    * the two-layered .zip archive

CTAN now has a top-level install/ directory.  TDS-ready .zip's such as
your texmf.zip can go there.  You'll see if you take a look.  This is a
matter for discussing with CTAN when you make your eventual upload

    Since you will not have to run the sausage maker

We always run it; it's just that in lucky cases it clones the incoming
sausage.  (But often there are little bits of skin and stuff to strip
off ... ugh, this is a disgusting analogy, let's drop it. :)

    we use a small private package docs.sty in typesetting our  
    documentation; it was never our intention to inflict this private  
    package on the TeX users of the world, so it now lives in doc/.

Excellent.  I had occasionally wondered about then when I stumbled
across it.

Overall: I see no problems, full speed ahead ...


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