[tex-live] TL installer doing things without permission :-(

Siep Kroonenberg siepo at cybercomm.nl
Sat Aug 9 12:24:14 CEST 2008

On Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 11:05:45AM +0100, Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) wrote:
> Siep Kroonenberg wrote:
> > Under Unix, there is an added line about editing environment
> > variables.
> OK, then we have space for an added line under Windows :-)
> I suggest
> 	"TeX Live will modify both PATH and the desktop;
> 	 see ... for details of these modifications".
> ** Phil.

I would like a reference to some online document, with a
corresponding shortcut in the texlive menu. But mention of the
searchpath might alarm some users, and the desktop changes they can
see for themselves.

And the welcome message really is already too long; the Unix version
merely is more too long, but extra line happens to be essential.

By the way: the psview shortcut can be used as a drag-and-drop
target. So although it is not essential, it adds a real convenience.

Siep Kroonenberg

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