[tex-live] TL installer doing things without permission :-(

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Thu Aug 7 23:54:17 CEST 2008

Norbert Preining scripsit (07.08.2008 23:00)
> In principle you are right,


> but even if we are in testing mode, we
> cannot rework that installer.


> Do you know how much any, I repeat *ANY* installer on windows changes in
> the registry?? Install Nero, install PowerDVD, install ActiveState perl,
> all of them will make serious changes to the registry.
Yep, but that is not as visible as a desktop icon. So psychologically, by
modifying the registry, you don't get the same effect of "how does that
installer *dare* to touch something on *MY* desktop without asking me?".
However, I agree that technically speaking, playing with the registry is much
worse than putting two desktop icons.

(And you might say that anyway windows users are used to see their computer do
things without their permission (unlike Unix), but I'd answer that as free
software developers/distributors we can take the opportunity to show them what
respecting the user means...)

> The TL2008 installer does:
> - add the bin/win32 to the PATH
> - creates 2 shortcuts on the desktop
Technically, the first is wanted by normal users and easily reversible by
power users. The second is easily reversible by anyone and can be useful to
some others. So I also agree that it is no *so* important, though as a user I
would prefer to have the installer ask me about the shortcuts and inform me
about the changes in the PATH.

Maybe it's not to late to add something about the PATH in the welcome message
for windows (since there's already sthg about it on Unix)?

> I have seen *MANY* programs creating desktop shortcuts without asking,
> take firefox, take thunderbird, take loads of installers.
When I was on windows, I didn't like those installers :-)

> And finally, all these changes are *undone*/*removed* when you uninstall
> TL2008.
Where we are far better than most windows programs, by the way.

> We are listening, but still some complaints are trivial, sorry.
IMHO, just informing about changes in the PATH in the welcome message doesn't
hurt in any way and can make some power users happier. Concerning the desktop
icons, I agree with both of you: it would be desirable to ask, but it's not
essential and it's not the time for this.


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