[tex-live] You should warn users not to install texlive 2008 if they have miktex installed

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Aug 7 12:25:02 CEST 2008

On Do, 07 Aug 2008, Vasile Gaburici wrote:
> Also, after I ran a few test documents through luatex, luapdftex and
> xetex, I decide to change my path to include Texlive 2008 instead of
> Miktex 2.7. Lo and behold, that had already happened automatically. It
> looks like there's some logic for changing the PATH, but it wasn't
> triggered soon enough in the installation process. BTW, a warning
> would be nice before changing the PATH.

As written in the other email, I am surprised that the installation did
not changes the path temporarly by prepending "our" bindir. Anyway.

Regarding the changing of the PATH. Well ... if you install TeX Live you
want it, right? I guess we have no chance now to add some more options.

> "mktexupd failed"

Known problem, but nobody could track it down to where it comes from and
why ;-) But it seems that it never did hurt anybody.

> Also, it looks like texhash uses the new lua library since it's
> insanely fast, unless it's missing a lot of files somehow...

No, it doesn't. Or at least not that I know.

Best wishes


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