[tex-live] About the perltk-zh.pl in tl2008.

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Aug 6 12:46:40 CEST 2008

On Mi, 06 Aug 2008, hongyi.zhao wrote:
> >> text.clicknetbin:  Click for net bins
> >
> >That is gone, forget it.
> Do you mean, I can delete this out of the perltk-zh.pl?


> >the TeX Live Manager?? I can send you the english strings.
> Please sent me, I'll try my best.


Thanks a lot!

Best wishes


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# Translations of the TeX Live Manager GUI
# please translate the strings on the right and send the translated file
# saved with filename of the respective two-letter code tex-live at tug.org
# For not translated strings it is best to either leave them empty or comment
# since for not defined translations the english one will be used
about:			About
addpkg:			Adding packages
archs:			Architectures
cancel:			Cancel
change:			Change
changesrc:		Change Location
changesrclong:		Change the installation source
changedefaultsrc:	Change default installation source
newdefaultsrc:		New default installation source
choosedir:		Choose Directory
config:			Configuration
createformats:		Create formats on installation
currentsource:		Current installation source: 
debug:			debug
defaultsource:		Default installation source
defaultnet:		Default Net Location
defaultpaperfor:	Default paper for
defaultpaperall:	Default paper for all
defaultsettings:	Default settings
force:			force
forceballoon:		Force the removal of a package even if it is referenced in a collection.
nodepballoon:		For collections: install or remove will not install/remove the dependencies
infoitem:		Info on the selected item
install:		Installation
installdoc:		Install macro/font docs
installsrc:		Install macro/font sources
installsel:		Install selected
load:			Load
warningtxt:		The database of the installation source has not been loaded.\n\nPlease use the "Load" (and possibly "Change") button to do so.
newsource:		New location: 
next:			Next
ok:			Ok
paperfor:		paper select for
papersettings:		Paper settings
pressbutton:		Press this button to load the database from the specified location.
quit:			Quit
reallyremove:		Really remove the complete TeX Live 2008 installation?\nNo more confirmation will be asked!
remove:			Remove
removesel:		Remove selected
removetl:		Remove TeX Live 2008
rempkg:			Removing packages
search:			Search
remarchnotpos:		Select architectures to be added (removal not possible)
selpkg:			Select packages
toggle:			Toggle
debugballoon:		Turn on debug mode when calling tlmgr.
removaltab:		Uninstallation
update:			Update
updateall:		Update all
updatesel:		Update selected
updatepkg:		Updating packages
ctrlshift:		Use Ctrl or Shift or drag to select more
withoutdep:		without depends
yes:			Yes
no:			No
starting:		Starting
maytaketime:		This may take some time!\nPlease wait, the output will appear here when ready.\n
completed:		Completed
loaderrortxt:		Could not load the TeX Live Database from $newroot\nIf you want to install or update packages, please try with a different installation source/location!\n\nFor configuration and removal you don\'t have to do anything.
changeme:		...please change me...
nodescription:		(no description available)
applychanges:		Apply changes
resetchanges:		Reset changes
remarchinfo:		Removals of archs currently not supported!
pleaseuse:		Please use the "Add/Remove Programs" from the Control Panel!
completerem:		TeX Live 2008 had been removed
loadtlpdbwait:		Loading local TeX Live Database\nThis may take some time, please wait!
loadremotetlpdbwait:	Loading remote TeX Live Database\nThis may take some time, please wait!
runupdater:		Some package cannot be updated using the GUI!\nPlease run TEXROOT/tlpkg/installer/updater.bat once!\nOtherwise the updates will not be complete!\nNOTE: You have to QUIT this program first!
actions:		Actions
reinitlsr:		Reinit file database
recreateformats:	Recreate all formats
updatemaps:		Update font map database
warningnonetupdate:	No updates found.\n\nYour installation is set up to look on the disk for updates.\n\nIf you want to install from the Internet for this one time only, click on the "Change" button above and select "Default Net Location" (or any other network location you know to be working).\n\nIf you want to change it permanently, go to the "Configuration" Tab and change the default installation source.
pleaseclick:	Please click on an item on the left for details
alluptodate:	Everything uptodate!

# Local Variables:
# coding: utf-8
# End:
# vim:set encoding=utf-8 fileencoding=utf-8: #

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