[tex-live] About the perltk-zh.pl in tl2008.

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Aug 6 12:29:27 CEST 2008

On Mi, 06 Aug 2008, hongyi.zhao wrote:
> 1-  Some of the strings don't appear on the gui during tl2008's installation, such as:
> text.infoto:       info to

appears only on Unix installs

> text.clicknetbin:  Click for net bins

That is gone, forget it.

> text.collof:       collections out of

That should appear in the line just ABOVE 
	----- Directory setup -----
in something like
	"83 collections out of 85, disk space required: 1695 MB"

> label.binsys:      Binary System(s)
> text.outof:        out of

appears only on Unix installs.

> Due to all of the above don't appear in the testing installation in my case, I cann't judge which should be their appropriate counterpart in chinese.  Would you like give me some explains on the meaning of the above  strings?

"info to" 
	where info pages should be linked to, asks for a directory

"out of"
	used in
		Binary System(s)     3 out of 15     Change

rest see above.

> 2-  What's the difference between text.manto and text.infoto?  IMO, the manpage is infopage, so I don't know how to translate both of them in order to give both of them right meanings, any hints please? 

No, man pages and info pages are different things, different formats.

> PS  The attachment is the translated version by me, I post here just for your information.

Can you please translate the other strings, too, and sent the final
file. That would be great.

And, if I might ask, would it be possible to translate the strings of
the TeX Live Manager?? I can send you the english strings.

Thanks a lot and all the best


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