[tex-live] Dead cycle occure when run fmtutil-sys --all under windows.

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Aug 6 11:48:50 CEST 2008

On Mi, 06 Aug 2008, hongyi.zhao wrote:
> >> When I run mtutil-sys --all, the command looks run ceaseless and dead cycle occured, who can give me some hints?
> >

Aehmmmm.... your log file showed only that YOU did hit
(at least it looks like) while the formats were generated. There was no
cycle in the log you sent, nothing. You just interrupted the run. At
least that is what I deduce from that:
unicode         : loading vector 251
^C! <D6><D5>ֹ<C5><FA>I<B4><A6><C0><ED><B2><D9><D7><F7><C2><F0>(Y/N)?
\dodoreadfile ...ax \inputgivenfile \readfilename
                                                  \relax \the

Mark the




Could it be that you were to hasty? (Gandalf: Not so hasty, Mr Frodo).
Recreating all formats *takes* quite some time if you have installed

If there is something else, please sent the correct log file excerpt,
but that what you sent looks completely normal, aside the interruption.

Best wishes


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