[tex-live] The dvi viewer of tl2008 under windows.

hongyi.zhao hongyi.zhao at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 07:33:59 CEST 2008

>Mi hao, Zhao :
>> I want to know there is a built-in viewer in 
>> tl2008 which is versatile, e.g., block compiling, 
>> double direction search between tex source file 
>> and the dvi file, and etc., I konw, some commercial 
>> latex editors, such as winedt, has all of this capabilities.
>I don't understand : you ask (in the "Subject: "
>field) about a DVI viewer, then comment later
>in the body that some commercial editors (such
>as WinEDT) have the capabilities you seek.
>As WinEDT isn't a DVI viewer, it's not clear
>why you think a DVU viewer might have such
>functionality : I, for one, would not expect
>any DVI viewer to offer block compilation;
>that is a task for a front-end/intelligent
>editor such as WinEDT.

Sorry for my expression,  I want to say that, the yap, which is the dvi viewer for miktex, can be integrated into winedt seamlessly.  So is there any dvi viewer for texlive which can do the same thing?

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