[tex-live] Problem with XeTeXdefaultencoding

Ulrike Fischer news2 at nililand.de
Mon Aug 4 14:55:46 CEST 2008

Am Mon, 4 Aug 2008 13:52:01 +0200 schrieb SUN Wenchang:

> Dear All, For some reasons, I need to change the default
> inputencoding. After the default encoding is changed back to utf-8,it
> can not ignore the UTF-8 leading bytes BOM in a sequent call to
> \input{file}. Attached is an example. Note that main-a.tex is a copy
> of main.tex except removing the line  \XeTeXdefaultencoding 'UTF-8' 

You mean the message "Missing character: There is no  in font
On miktex (xetex .992) you can avoid it by using 
\XeTeXdefaultencoding auto

Ulrike Fischer 

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