[tex-live] Missing ".fd" files in CJK?

Daniel Flipo daniel.flipo at free.fr
Sun Aug 3 20:13:31 CEST 2008

hongyi.zhao a écrit le 03.08.2008 08:31 :

DF>> Trying to recompile older files in modern and traditional Chinese with
DF>> TL2008 for testing, it seems to me that the following files,
present in
DF>> Debian's TL Lenny (current version based on TL2007), are missing in
DF>> TL2008 (2008/08/02):
DF>> -- c10gkai.fd   and c10gkai.fdx
DF>> -- c00bkai.fd  (but c00bkai.fdx is in TL2008)

> I recommend you update the CJK to the latest version in the offical page of CJK.
> To do this, just put the latest CJK to your TEXMFHOME, then update the finename databse.

Thanks for your hint.  CJK latest version seems to be 4.8.0 on
http://cjk.ffii.org/ and on CTAN as well...  The three files I
mentionned are missing on CTAN (and thus on TL2008).  As both bkai and
gkai fonts are part of CJK, I would expect the corresponding .fd files
to be also part of CJK. Am I missing something?

Daniel Flipo

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