[tex-live] [Dev-luatex] luatex0.c compile problem

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Tue Apr 29 09:05:18 CEST 2008

>> here are the statements on the referenced lines:
>> 8931: eq_destroy ( eqtb [p ]) ;
>> 8940: eq_destroy ( eqtb [p ]) ;
>> 9005: eq_destroy ( eqtb [p ]) ;
>> 9124: eq_destroy ( save_stack [save_ptr ]) ;
>> 9133: eq_destroy ( eqtb [p ]) ;
>> does this make sense to you? eqtb and save_stack is a structure.
> It may be complaining about eq_destroy, because these five happen to
> be all the calls to that function. Perhaps it misinterprets the
> macro in luatexcoerce.h. Not that I see a reason why it should,
> this function is converted by web2c just like all others. Or
> perhaps it is mis-optimizing something?

 DK> Ancient compilers did not allow for passing structures to
 DK> functions.  It sounds somewhat unlikely that this would be the only
 DK> case here, though.

 DK> Maybe a missing prototype or something for eq_destroy?

i investigated it further.

after pre-processing,

    eq_destroy ( eqtb [p ]) ;

gets changed to:

    zeq_destroy((memoryword) (eqtb [p ])) ;

i.e. the casts are added to the argument.

it appears that the compiler is not happy about the constructs with such
casts, it has nothing to do with the zeq_destroy function itself.

i.e. if i manually remove the casts after passing the code through a
pre-processor, i.e. change it to

    zeq_destroy( eqtb [p ]) ;

then it compiles fine.

to see further, i created a small test file:

typedef struct {
  int CINT0, CINT1;
} twoints;

void test (twoints *z) {
  twoints v1 = z[0];
  twoints v2 = (twoints) (z[0]);
  twoints v3 = *z;
  twoints v4 = (twoints) (*z);

$ xlc -c test.c 
"test.c", line 7.17: 1506-117 (S) Operand must be a scalar type.
"test.c", line 9.17: 1506-117 (S) Operand must be a scalar type.

it gives errors for lines with casts and no errors for lines without

does that make sense to anyone?


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