[tex-live] grmn0900.* not installed

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Apr 19 18:01:41 CEST 2008

Dear TeX Live team : I today installed TeX Live
from the TeX Collection 2007 DVD, selecting what
appeared to be the obvious options to allow me
to typeset using TeX & LaTeX in Western European
and Oriental Languages; in particular, I selected
Greek and Vietnamese amongst others.  On trying
to typeset a document which commenced as follows :

	\documentclass [a4paper, landscape]{article}
	\hoffset = -0,5 in
	\voffset = -0,5 in
	\oddsidemargin = 0 in
	\evensidemargin = \oddsidemargin
	\topmargin = 0 in
	\headheight = 0 in
	\headsep = 0 in
	\textwidth = 10,6 in
	\textheight = 7 in
	\newread \PDFfile
	\newread \chapters
	\newif \ifchapter
	\def \testchapter #1{\def \triad {#1}\ifx \triad \thischapter 			 
\chaptertrue \else \chapterfalse \fi}
	%\usepackage [pdftex]{hyperref}
	\usepackage {teubner}
	\def \prefix {Final-Images-EPS/Massaged/PDF}
	\def \page {}
	\def \endpage {}
	\font \smallgreek = grmn0900 % grreg10

I found the compilation failed because of a missing "grmn0900" (.tfm).
I searched the DVD and found a complete set of Claudio Beccari Greek
font files, which I then manually added to my installed base, but
wonder (a)~why these were not installed automatically, given my
language selections, and (b)~how I should have instructed TLPMGUI
to add them for me retrospectively ?

I attach "tlpm.log" from the installation in case this sheds
any light on the matter.

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd).
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