[tex-live] Patch to texlinks manpage to reflect recent changes

Edd Barrett vext01 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 23:13:33 CET 2007


I have added the unlink option into the texlinks manpage, and also
sorted the options alphabetically.

--- texlinks.man.old    Mon Oct 29 22:07:12 2007
+++ texlinks.man        Mon Oct 29 22:09:14 2007
@@ -19,14 +19,12 @@
-.IP "\fB--help\fP or \fB-h\fP"
-show some help text
 .IP "\fB--cnffile\fP \fIFILE\fP or \fB-f\fP \fIFILE\fP"
 file as configuration file (default:
+.IP "\fB--help\fP or \fB-h\fP"
+show some help text
-.IP "\fB--verbose\fP or \fB-v\fP"
-set verbose mode on (default: off)
 .IP "\fB--multiplatform\fP or \fB-m\fP"
 operate in all
 platform-specific directories (default:
@@ -35,6 +33,10 @@
 .IP "\fB--silent\fP or \fB-s\fP"
 silently skip over existing
 scripts/binaries instead of printing a warning
+.IP "\fB--unlink\fP or \fB-u\fP"
+Unlink previously created symlinks
+.IP "\fB--verbose\fP or \fB-v\fP"
+set verbose mode on (default: off)

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