[tex-live] czhyphen.tex missing on CTAN

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 11:06:36 CET 2007

2007/10/30, Werner LEMBERG <wl at gnu.org>:
> > > > I think it would be a good idea to add them to the canonical
> > >                                          ^^^^
> > >                                        the file
> > > > hyphen patterns directory.
> >
> > but not the slovak hyphenation files?  why not?
> I have only checked czhyphen.tex, nothing else; this is the only
> reason.
There are historical reasons, the hyphenation files are part of
csplain and used by cslatex and latex (and xelatex). Petr Tesarik
(under the CSTUG grant) developed a new Czech and Slovak module for
babel, we are now waiting for its inclusion into standard distribution
(currently it can be installed automatically using my script at
http://icebearsoft.euweb.cz/tex/csh_babel.php). This solves
incompatibilities between different czech.sty and slovak.sty and all
extra functionality of cslatex is implemented in this new module so
that cslatex could (and should) be removed when the new module is part
of the official babel. It might be better to do such reorganization
after this happens.

> > anyway, the licence of csplain is (iirc) indeterminate, so i'm
> > unwilling to break things out of it even though someone once said it
> > was "free".
> Uh, oh, the pattern files are already included in TeXLive, and they are
> GPLed...
> > get petr olsak to tell me to split them out (and which files --
> > there are two for each language, at least) and i will.
> Not necessary.  The files are
>   czhyphen.tex
>   czhyphen.ex
>   skhyphen.tex
>   skhyphen.ex
>      Werner

Zdeněk Wagner

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