[tex-live] ctan2tds.pl stuff

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Oct 3 07:29:06 CEST 2007

Hi Karl,

On Di, 02 Okt 2007, Karl Berry wrote:
>     I have made some fixes to ctan2tds.pl: The $Foundry wasn't set in
>     &runfonts; which made the fonts ae fonts installed into a missing
>     "public". I hope this didn't break anything.
> I don't understand, it always seemed to work for me, but sounds fine.

It happened only in MAKEae (maybe others, too), because no makenormal is

AFAIS the problem is that $Foundry is set in other functions, but since
it is never declared a global variable it seems to be treated locally to
the function. Or something else. Anyway.

>     (tlpkginfo, ctan2tds.pl, maybe some more) 
> place

>     which are necessary for this updating business to Master/tlpkg/bin?
> Sure.  The scripts will require a tiny bit of adjusting when they get
> moved, since they self-locate things, and I just haven't had the

Ok, I will take a look. It is making me crazy to locate all the scripts
in all the subdirs, so I am bound to move them anyway ;-) Expect
breakage, but not too bad ;-)

Best wishes


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