[tex-live] ANN: API change of TLPOBJ

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Nov 12 15:52:27 CET 2007

Dear all!

Please note that the API of TLPOBJ.pm has changed. make_zip now takes a
obligatory first argument $type specifying the type of container to
be made (zip or lzma). From the man page (pod2man):

       "make_zip($type,$instroot[, $destdir[, $zipname]])"
           creates a container file of the arch independent files in the
           "TLPOBJ" in $destdir (if not defined then "TLPOBJ->zipdir" is

           The $type variable specifies the type of container to be used.
           Currently only "zip" or "lzma" are allowed, and are generating zip
           files and tar.lzma files, respectively.

           The file name of the created container file is "$zipname.exten-
           sion", where extension is either ".zip" or ".tar.lzma", depending
           on the setting of $type. If no $zipname is specified the package
           name is used.

           If the package contains "binfiles", then container files for all
           archs containing only the binfiles are created, and those container
           files name is "$zipname.$arch.$extension"

           All the arch independent zip files also contain the respective
           "TLPOBJ" file in "tlpkg/tlpobj/$name.tlpobj" so "$zipname.$exten-
           sion" does contain this tlpobj file, while "$zipname.$arch.$exten-
           sion" does NOT.

           The argument $instroot specifies the root of the installation from
           which the files should be taken.

Best wishes


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