[tex-live] hyphenation exceptions for US English

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Sun Nov 11 21:24:32 CET 2007

re the hyphenations exceptions list,

        I think it should be added to TeXLive.

    I agree, but we should include it in a tugboat directory on CTAN first.

i agree with this as well.

        There is one small detail missing: the license.  Barbara?

    Barbara is away for a few more days and I'm sure will be swamped for a
    while upon her return.

barbara is back, and indeed swamped.

    My personal preference for the exception list would be for a simple
    all-permissive license, for instance:

    Copyright 2007 TeX Users Group.
    You may freely use, modify and/or distribute this file.

i've no problem with this.  can one of you please
add this (maybe via the script?) and post it?
i think that info/digests/tugboat is a good place;
that's where tb0hyf.tex is located; a new version
of that file can be expected sometime in 2008.


thanks for me too.
							-- bb

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