[tex-live] Fwd: No working Platex in Tex Live 2007 (Ubuntu)

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Nov 11 09:55:38 CET 2007

Dear TeX Live Polish Masters,

could you enlighten me about one thing:

TeX Live 2007 (as released)
is the platex format/link necessary, or superseeded by polski.sty?

Thanks for clarification.

On So, 11 Nov 2007, Sebastian wrote:
> > On Sa, 10 Nov 2007, Beyo wrote:
> >> According to information this package should contains also platex package.
> >
> > It is contained.
> >
> >> After installing texlive-lang-polish platex is indeed in texmf-texlive
> > directory tree but is not usable.
> >
> > As far as I remember it is superseeded by
> > 	\usepackage{polski}
> > shipped by the platex packages.
> >
> > Since many of our main contributors on TeX Live are from Poland I would
> > be suprised if something is missing.
> >
> I would be surpised too. As far as I know this is not superseeded by 
> polski package in MikTeX so it would be strange if it is superseeded in 
> texlive.
> The problem is "platex" does not appear in texconfig as format and i 
> think it SHOULD the same as pdfplatex.
> When I want to write something in polish i use both \usepackage{polski} 
> but i compile document by platex <file.tex> because it provides proper 
> char encoding.
> I will try to consult contributors on polish latex group.

Best wishes


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