[tex-live] "chmod" flags for windows executables

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sun Nov 11 00:09:58 CET 2007

Mojca wrote:
 > Thanks, but you replied to me only :)

This was not intended, so I forward the mail to the list again.

Mojca Miklavec writes:

 > May I ask you for a little favor in case you're runnig windows?

 > Can you please try to run the "runme.bat" and then try to execute
 > *any* program in the downloaded folder?
 >      http://minimals.contextgarden.net/test/rsync-test.zip
 > The script will download some tex binaries from contextgarden.net. Can
 > you tell me if it works and what permissions are set to the files?
 > I would be very greatful for that.

Sorry, I don't have Windows at home, and at work I have internet access
only on the Linux server, which means that I cannot run Windows
programs which require internet access.

Maybe someone else could help and post the results to the list.

BTW, it's a known problem that the permission flags in the TeX Live
subversion repository are wrong.  Staszek already asked sometime ago
but I had no clue and we regarded it as unimportant because it can be
fixed more easily by the scripts which create the CD and DVD images.

On the other hand, I'm using the stuff which is actually in the
repository for production because this is the only way to test whether
everything is working.  There is no reason why this shouldn't work for
Windows users, too.

I fixed the permissions in my local copy of the TL repository but when
I run

  svn status

it seems that subversion did not recognize that something had been
changed.  Another possibility would be to remove all files and upload
them again.  But I fear that we lose all the svn log entries when
files are deleted.

If anybody on this list knows what has to be done, answers are very

 > > Which program did you use in order to find out which permission flags
 > > are set?
 > I don't know how to do that, if I'm honest. But the executables fail
 > to run unless I run "chmod 777 [files]".

Ok.  Since we are working on a new installer written in Perl, it would
be nice to know how Perl sees file permissions on Windows.

I just wrote a little Perl script which prints the results of Perl's
stat() function to screen.  Some values don't make sense on Windows,
but I think that you are most interested in [mode].

You can download the file from:



   perl stat.pl <some_file>


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