[tex-live] can TeXLive under ubuntu 7.10 access style files in a Windows partition?

Colin Rowat c.rowat at espero.org.uk
Sun Nov 4 22:30:00 CET 2007

> > I presume that the problem is that my linux tex-root and tex-base 

> > options do not include the WinXP directories.  If this makes sense, 

> > can I edit the tex live config files to include them?

> > 

> Yes, it is possible. Your texmf.cnf contains definition of TEXMF which just contains a list of several TeX roots. Add the definition:

> MIKTEX = /path/to/miktex/root/dir

> and then add $MIKTEX to the end of TEXMF. If you want to use some extra fonts from MikTeX which you do not have in Linux, try

> updmap --syncwithtrees

Thank you Zdeněk.  I have added 

MIKTEX = /media/sda1/Program Files/MikTeX 2.6

just after 


in 05TeXMF.cfg (in /etc/texmf/texmf.d) and, later in that file, to
TEXMF, for:


However, I still get the following error message when compiling (from

[LaTeX] 071101quasilinear.tex => 071101quasilinear.dvi (latex)
[LaTeX] finished with exit status 1
./071101quasilinear.tex:7:File `latexcad.sty' not found. ^^M
[LaTeX] 1 error, 0 warnings, 0 badboxes

When I comment out \usepackage{latexcad}, compilation works until I
reach the \input{} commands for the .lp files that latexcad interprets. 
This gives me a "file ... not found" error - which may reflect a bad
path format: I use relative references like

Otherwise, tex-live is working perfectly, even accessing my bibtex file
in the WinXP partition.

Thank you again for your help,


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