[tex-live] can TeXLive under ubuntu 7.10 access style files in a Windows partition?

Colin Rowat c.rowat at espero.org.uk
Sun Nov 4 20:18:29 CET 2007

I have just installed my first linux system (ubuntu 7.10) on a dual boot
with WinXP.

I already have a full TeX installation under WinXP (MikTeX), including a
full set of style files.  I have installed TeX Live on the linux
partition.  When I seek, under linux, to compile a .tex file none of the
style files are recognised.

I presume that the problem is that my linux tex-root and tex-base
options do not include the WinXP directories.  If this makes sense, can
I edit the tex live config files to include them?

Thank you in advance,

Colin Rowat

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