[tex-live] Latin Modern bug in lm-texnansi-os.enc

bop at bop.com.pl bop at bop.com.pl
Fri May 25 12:47:47 CEST 2007


BJ> My first guess is that proportional figures were used with tabular
BJ> metrics...

TH> The tabular lining figures are replaced by oldstyle figures by
TH> means of an encoding file only. This worked fine (because the
TH> oldstyle figures were tabular as well).

TH> The height and depth are normally not all that important to TeX,
TH> and with the widths the same, there was no need for a different
TH> metrics file, just a single encoding file is enough to give all the
TH> LM fonts oldstyle (tabular) figures instead of lining figures.

Well, let me travesty my favorite "The Hunting of the Snark" by
Lewis Carroll:

  The fourth is its fondness for encoding engines,
       Which is constantly carries about,
  And believes that they add to the beauty of scenes---
       A sentiment open to doubt.


TH> This trick broke when the tabular oldstyle figures were renamed
TH> and proportional oldstyle figures were added


TH> Well, can you please consider starting to support it
TH> [the trick] then? ;-)

If you are satisfied with the bunch of extra encodings of this sort (I
be ;-) , I can add them to the zip file for context that we release anyway.
Recall that so far they contain map files:


TH> The trick I explained above works surprisingly well (even if the figures
TH> are tabular, not proportional).

ONLY if they are tabular. If the substitution uses proportional ones, i.e.,
named *.oldstyle, the estehical disaster is bound to ensue.

> I would not have bothered you at all, as it was not your problem
> to begin with. But that's life ...

Once I understand the problem, I can easily tune up the engine that
prepares the distribution bundle.

Is it an urgent matter? That is, would you like mi to replace the
ConTeXt-oriented packages (in all fonts we distribute) as soon as
possible or we can do it succesively with the new releases?

Cheers -- Jacko

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