[tex-live] The suggestions (from tex-d-l) (Re: Comment on Re: TeXLive-CD/DVD (Installation))

Kaja P. Christiansen kaja at daimi.au.dk
Wed May 23 16:59:45 CEST 2007

Oliver Bandel wrote:
 > Maybe also mechanical problems of the DVD....
 > ...so that maybe read-errors occur and the drive was slowed down?!
 > I inserted the DVD to my Powerbook. It made a lot of sound.
 > Even when not reading from the DVD, it made a lot of sound,
 > and I think the DVD touches the drive and scratches around.
 > This might be another problem.

and Frank Küster replied:

 > In other words, we might be spending valuable time and thinking-energy
 > on a problem that was caused by broken hardware.  

'broken hardware'? I don't install TL from DVD, but wanted to have a look 
at what's on and inserted it in the drive (HW: OptiPlex 745, SW: FC6).
The drive made so much unhealthy noise that I assumed it was broken to begin
with and asked hardware lab to check it. We run several tests. Conclusions: 
among all DVDs in my office (including Collection 2005), only 2007 DVDs 
(I have two) made the drive madly noisy.


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