[tex-live] makempx temp shell script packaged into texlive-metapost

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Sat May 19 20:19:14 CEST 2007

> Well big thanks a lot for tracking this down for us!

I'm happy it was useful.

> Funny, that you sent this after me building/testing one day long new
> texlive-bin packages with new poppler patch.

Where will you put the new pkgs?  Oh, libpoppler 0.5 has moved from
experimental into unstable, so I guess you'll put the pkgs in
unstable.  Could you put them also in your people.debian.org repo, if
that won't interfere with the etch backports?

The reason is that the new pkgs might be directly installable on
Ubuntu 7.04.  I'll happily test for that.  I think the only issue was
the libpoppler version, which now matches Ubuntu 7.04 (Ubuntu started
using libpoppler 0.5 in Ubuntu 6.06).

Then I could point Ubuntu ConTeXt users (myself included) to them,
rather than making backports myself.  I've already made them and put
them at web.mit.edu (I found the makempx problem when I was testing my
own medicine), but if your pkgs for unstable are directly usable, all
the better.  And I could instead try to backport to Ubuntu 6.10.
[Backport for 6.06 seems too hard, since it didn't use any version of


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