[tex-live] Non-free parts within TeXLive 2007

Dr. Werner Fink werner at suse.de
Tue May 15 11:38:44 CEST 2007


just to be noted: out license team here at SuSE has detected
three parts within TeXLive 2007 which do not allow a commercial
usage.  This violates not only the GNU Gernal Public License
used for the TeXLive 2007 distribution but also cause problems
here. This is that the leagal department is very unhappy about.

The parts are:

   * dvi2tty -> texk/dvi2tty/dvi2tty.c

     |  * This program, and any documentation for it, is copyrighted by $VAR
     |  It may be copied for non-commercial use only, provided that
     |  * any and all copyright notices are preserved.

   * libgsw32 -> libs/libgsw32/gsdll.h

     | The License grants you
     | the right to copy, modify and redistribute Aladdin Ghostscript, but only
     | under certain conditions described in the License.

   * ConTeXt -> texmf-dist/doc/context/manuals/allkind/mreadme.tex

     | {\sc NonCommercial:} You may not use this work for commercial
     | purposes.

OK, the windoes lib is not the problem, also I can skip dvi2tty
but what is about mreadme.tex from ConTeXt?


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