[tex-live] how to upgrade TL2007's metapost to 1.000 ?

luoyi luoyi.ly at gmail.com
Sat May 12 03:59:55 CEST 2007

> What platform?

My box is Slackware 11.0 & Win XP SP2.

> TL doesn't do updates.  For the texmf trees you can use the miktex
> package manager, but
> for binaries you have to compile the sources.  If you are on a
> mainstream *x, compiling
> should be straightforward (I had no problems on Fedora Core 5), but
> the install requires manual copying the results of the compile over to
> the TL tree.
> For Win32, check whether Akira Kakuto has the new version in w32tex.

metapost's src release tarball contains the different(older) version
of kpathsea&web2c with TL2007's src. so how can I make it upgrade to
TL2007's version ?

BTW: If I want to upgrade some packages of TL2007, can I just simple
extra the iso, replace the file and then mkiso ?

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