[tex-live] The texconfig program

Rex Shudde rshudde at comcast.net
Fri May 11 00:44:25 CEST 2007

A short time ago I sent you the message below.  Upon reading further, 
Section 6 says I should run tlpmgui.exe to perform the installation. 
Searching again, this file could not be found on neither the C: drive, where 
TeX Live was installed, nor on the TeX Collection DVD.

.................. original message...............
I have received the TeX Live 2007 disk and have performed the "medium"
installation (i.e., the default installation) on Windows XP.

The first sentence of  Section 4, Post-Installation, of "The TeX Live Guide
TeX Live 2007" says that for any operating system additional steps must be
taken to configure the system.  So far so good.

The first sentence of Section 4.1 says to use the program texconfig  to
perform said configuration and that it is installed in the subdirectory
TEXDIR/bin/arch.  I have searched the C: drive, where TeX Live 2007 was
installed, and the is no TEXDIR subdirectory anywhere.

There is a C:\TeXLive2007\texfm\texconfig folder containing subfolders g, v,
and x,  but there nothing resembling a texconfig executable anywhere.

I also tried running texconfig from the command line, as suggested for
changing the paper size, and Windows informed me that it cannot find

Please advise.

Thank you,
Rex Shudde 

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