[tex-live] TeXLive2007: Bug in (Xe)TeX for 64bit and big endianess

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Wed May 9 04:24:27 CEST 2007

> we already had reports of users unable to compile pdftex because of
> dependencies of poppler (and no xpdf source being shipped) which imo
> is a bad omen

I may have been one of those users.  I couldn't build the Debian
texlive 2007 package on my Ubuntu (Debian derivative) system because
of different libpoppler versions.  But the xpdf sources are still part
of the source package, so all I had to do was delete the 'use poppler'
patch and then the package built fine.

Ubuntu 'gutsy' (7.10), which just started its development cycle and
will be released in October, now has a texlive source package that
also does not use the poppler patch, so it builds out of the box on
my Ubuntu 7.04 system.  

I should also check whether the binary package would install as is --
you never know!  -- and then update the ConTeXt installation
instructions on the wiki to say 'Ubuntu 7.04 users, you can now
install texlive2007 easily as follows...'


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