[tex-live] TeX Live 2007 xetex, xdvipdfmx shared library woes on Solaris 10 sparc

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Mon May 7 22:45:45 CEST 2007

"PE" == Paul Eggert writes:

 >> as far as i remember (i've built the TeX Live solaris sparc
 >> binaries), the path /usr/sfw/lib is "included" into the binaries
 >> and you don't need to configure the dynamic loader, i.e. it is
 >> enough if the libraries will be present in that location.

 PE> It sounds like you used the -L /usr/sfw/lib option, which causes
 PE> the compile-time linker to know about that directory; but you did
 PE> not also use the -R /usr/sfw/lib option, which causes the
 PE> run-time linker to know about it.  On Solaris, you need to use
 PE> both options.

i grepped my build log, and i see that -R was in fact used. here are
the link commands:

CC -o xetex xetexini.o xetex0.o xetex1.o xetex2.o xetexextra.o trans.o XeTeX_ext.o XeTeXFontMgr_FC.o mfileio.o numbers.o pdfimage.o bmpimage.o jpegimage.o pngimage.o XeTeX_pic.o XeTeXFontMgr.o XeTeXLayoutInterface.o XeTeXOTLayoutEngine.o XeTeXFontInst.o cmaps.o FontTableCache.o XeTeXOTMath.o XeTeXFontInst_FT2.o -D_REENTRANT  -L/opt/csw/lib -lsocket ../../libs/icu-xetex/lib/libsicuuc.a ../../libs/icu-xetex/lib/libsicule.a ../../libs/icu-xetex/lib/libsicudata.a ../../libs/teckit/lib/.libs/libTECkit.a ../../libs/freetype2/.libs/libfreetype.a ../../libs/zlib/libz.a ../../libs/xpdf/xpdf/libxpdf.a ../../libs/xpdf/goo/libGoo.a ../../libs/xpdf/fofi/libfofi.a ../../libs/libpng/libpng.a /opt/csw/lib/libfontconfig.so /opt/csw/lib/libiconv.so /opt/csw/lib/libfreetype.so -lz /opt/csw/lib/libexpat.so lib/lib.a ../kpathsea/.libs/libkpathsea.a -lm -lpthread -R/opt/csw/lib -R/opt/csw/lib

cc -xarch=v8 -O -o xdvipdfmx xdvipdfmx-agl.o xdvipdfmx-agl_standard.o xdvipdfmx-bmpimage.o xdvipdfmx-cff.o xdvipdfmx-cff_dict.o xdvipdfmx-cid.o xdvipdfmx-cidtype0.o xdvipdfmx-cidtype2.o xdvipdfmx-cmap.o xdvipdfmx-cmap_read.o xdvipdfmx-cmap_write.o xdvipdfmx-cs_type2.o xdvipdfmx-dpxconf.o xdvipdfmx-dpxcrypt.o xdvipdfmx-dpxfile.o xdvipdfmx-dpxutil.o xdvipdfmx-dvi.o xdvipdfmx-dvipdfmx.o xdvipdfmx-epdf.o xdvipdfmx-error.o xdvipdfmx-fontmap.o xdvipdfmx-jpegimage.o xdvipdfmx-mem.o xdvipdfmx-mfileio.o xdvipdfmx-mpost.o xdvipdfmx-numbers.o xdvipdfmx-otl_conf.o xdvipdfmx-otl_opt.o xdvipdfmx-pdfcolor.o xdvipdfmx-pdfdev.o xdvipdfmx-pdfdoc.o xdvipdfmx-pdfdraw.o xdvipdfmx-pdfencoding.o xdvipdfmx-pdfencrypt.o xdvipdfmx-pdffont.o xdvipdfmx-pdfnames.o xdvipdfmx-pdfobj.o xdvipdfmx-pdfparse.o xdvipdfmx-pdfresource.o xdvipdfmx-pdfximage.o xdvipdfmx-pkfont.o xdvipdfmx-pngimage.o xdvipdfmx-pst.o xdvipdfmx-pst_obj.o xdvipdfmx-sfnt.o xdvipdfmx-spc_color.o xdvipdfmx-spc_dvips.o xdvipdfmx-spc_html.o xdvipdfmx-spc_misc.o xdvipdfmx-spc_pdfm.o xdvipdfmx-spc_tpic.o xdvipdfmx-spc_util.o xdvipdfmx-spc_xtx.o xdvipdfmx-specials.o xdvipdfmx-subfont.o xdvipdfmx-tfm.o xdvipdfmx-tt_aux.o xdvipdfmx-tt_cmap.o xdvipdfmx-tt_glyf.o xdvipdfmx-tt_gsub.o xdvipdfmx-tt_post.o xdvipdfmx-tt_table.o xdvipdfmx-truetype.o xdvipdfmx-type0.o xdvipdfmx-t1_char.o xdvipdfmx-t1_load.o xdvipdfmx-type1.o xdvipdfmx-type1c.o xdvipdfmx-unicode.o xdvipdfmx-vf.o  -L/opt/home/vvv/src/texlive/source/Work/texk/kpathsea/.libs -L/opt/csw/lib ../../../libs/libpng/libpng.a ../../../libs/zlib/libz.a ../../../libs/freetype2/.libs/libfreetype.a /opt/home/vvv/src/texlive/source/Work/texk/kpathsea/.libs/libkpathsea.a -lm /opt/csw/lib/libfontconfig.so /opt/csw/lib/libiconv.so /opt/csw/lib/libfreetype.so -lz /opt/csw/lib/libexpat.so -R/opt/csw/lib -R/opt/csw/lib

 >> i've built the binaries on Solaris 8 for better compatibility

 PE> Yes, that makes sense.  But in that case don't you need to
 PE> include the necessary (non-Solaris-8) libraries in the TeX Live
 PE> distribution?  Or do you expect installers to have downloaded
 PE> some 3rd-party stuff before installing TeX Live?  If so, this
 PE> should be clarified.

well, i thought it's easier to install fontconfig package (with its
dependencies) from blastwave, because the packages depend on Solaris
version, and for example, fontconfig is included in the standard
Solaris 10 distribution from Sun.

 >> it is strange that you do have /usr/lib/libfontconfig.so.1 but at
 >> the same time don't have libiconv.so.2, libfreetype.so.6 and
 >> libexpat.so.0 because these libraries are used by
 >> libfontconfig.so.1

 PE> Actually, Solaris 10 does have /usr/sfw/lib/libfreetype.so.6
 PE> (actually 6.3.7) and /usr/sfw/lib/libexpat.so.0.5.0.

it's interesting that SUNW packages are using this prefix /usr/sfw/lib.

i can't check now, but probably there are these duplicated
dependencies on libfreetype (one of which is found and one of them is
not found) because libfreetype is linked by xetex itself and by

it would be interesting to know how to make it more portable for the
future build.


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