[tex-live] support for --disable-multiplatform ?

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Sat May 5 19:57:18 CEST 2007

On 5 May 2007, at 6:14 pm, Peter Münster wrote:

> On Fri, 4 May 2007, Karl Berry wrote:
>>> If you put back the original texmf.cnf, does --disable- 
>>> multiplatform work?
>>     Yes.
>> I changed kpathsea/texmf.in back to using @texmf@, etc.  Could you
>> please try it out and let me know if problems?  (I couldn't just  
>> restore
>> the old version precisely, other changes were made in the  
>> meantime ...)
> Yes it works, thanks!
> I get only one error, but it's unrelated to texmf.in, and it  
> doesn't matter
> to me, since I don't use xelatex:
> (/opt/TeX-live/texmf/tex/generic/hyphen/glhyph.tex
> ! Undefined control sequence.
> l.19 \catcode`\ﻱ1 \lccode`\@\
>                                     catcode`\绱1 \lccode`\缠\牜 
> catcode`\...
> ?
> ! Emergency stop.
> l.19 \catcode`\ﻱ1 \lccode`\@\
>                                     catcode`\绱1 \lccode`\缠\牜 
> catcode`\...
> No pages of output.
> Transcript written on xelatex.log.
> Error: `xetex -ini  -jobname=xelatex -progname=xelatex -etex  
> xelatex.ini' failed

It may not matter to you, but it would be good to understand how this  

My first thought was that your language.dat file could be incorrect;  
specifically, if it referred to glhyph.tex directly, rather than xu- 
glhyph.tex (the wrapper provided in TL2007 to load the patterns  
correctly under either 8-bit latex or xelatex), then you'd see this  

However, on checking the repository, I see that there has been a  
major update to the glhyph.tex pattern file since the TL2007 release,  
and the changes to this file are such that the old xu- wrapper no  
longer works correctly. So that's actually why you're seeing this  

I have just updated xu-glhyph.tex in SVN, so if you rebuild with the  
latest files I believe this error will go away.


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