[tex-live] Scripts "set -e" (was: Installation Report TL 2007)

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 22 21:40:34 CET 2007

    What problems do you expect or did you experience?  

Having to add useless cruft (subshells, piping to true, etc.) to make
exit codes be zero when there was nothing wrong with nonzero.

Many years ago, when we were developing autoconf, we tried set -e.
After much effort, we concluded the gain was not worth the pain.  And
since then I've never thought twice about using it.

    submit patches for say fmutil to make it work with "set -e", would
    you accept them?

Probably, but it also depends on what it looks like (ie, how much extra
cruft is inserted).  Certainly additional explicit error checks are
always a good thing.


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