[tex-live] documentation

Philipp Fäh pfaeh at mysunrise.ch
Fri Mar 16 09:54:53 CET 2007

>> Would anyone like to extend texdoc to use that where possible, or
>> otherwise deal with this stuff?  Seems like a lot could be done in 
>> this
>> area, but I can't take it on.
> To me, the easiest way to solve this seems to be the aliases mechanism.
> With
> fourier.pdf     fourier-doc-en.pdf
> in $TEXMFDIST/aliases (or is it the other way round? Would need to
> check) "texdoc fourier" would find the right documentation.  Somewhere
> in the Debian BTS (and maybe in our teTeX patches) there's already a
> list of possible documentation aliases, and actually I still have a 
> mail
> marked as "forward to the texlive list when it's time" when we 
> discussed
> this just before TL 2007 release.
> It's a bit tricky in some cases, though, namely when there's more than
> one file of documentation.  For example, Heiko has explicitly refused 
> to
> rename hyperref's manual.pdf to hyperref.pdf, because he thinks that 
> the
> other documents are important as well.  He wishes to be able to give 
> the
> documentation a new unified structure, but until this is done, he
> prefers not to give the impression that it would be sufficient to read
> only one document.

A standard for the documentation could be:

1.) <package name> - <part> i.e. hyperref.pdf, hyperref-1.pdf, 
hyperref-2.pdf, ...
2.) the main package manual links to the other documentation files 
the command texdoc aks which manual should be opened (description 
necessary) (1,2,3,4,5,... )

kpsewhich hyperref*.pdf (for all)
$name <*>  $ext

-- texdoc  searches  for NAME in the TeX documentation and starts an 
appropriate viewer
-- NAME should be the name of a command or package in the teTeX  
-- texdoc was written  by  Thomas  Esser  <te at dbs.uni-hannover.de>,  
David Aspinall <da at dcs.ed.ac.uk>, and Simon Wilkinson 
<sxw at dcs.ed.ac.uk> during 1998 and 1999.
-- texdoc is in the public domain.

texdoc hyperref* would open all doc files

At the moment it functions only, if I execute the command in the 
appropriate directory 

> I fear we have to live with that and should not use aliases to work
> around it.

> Regards, Frank
> -- 
> Dr. Frank Küster
> Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Protein Folding @ Inst. f. Biochemie, 
> Univ. Zürich
> Debian Developer (teTeX/TeXLive)
Best regards, Philipp

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