[tex-live] Execution time on Solaris Sparc

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 15 22:56:02 CET 2007

Hi Jean-Pierre,

    On the inst iso image, TEXMFHOME is defined as $HOME/$HOMEtexmf

Can you explain where you are seeing this, please?  When I run 
inst's install-tl.sh, and put in the d option, it tells me:

When I do the actual installation, texmf.cnf has:

I can easily believe the double $HOME is the result of a bug, this was a
fragile bit of code in common.sh, but I don't know how to reproduce what
you got.

    About the home trees, why not unify the user trees with
    TEXMFHOME = $HOME/.texlive2007/texmf

The user tree should be independent of the release, just like the local
tree.  In any case, I think changing the default would cause more
confusion than it would be worth.


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