[tex-live] Report on packaging TeX Live for linux

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Mar 9 02:23:45 CET 2007

Hi Francois,

Another partial reply.

    - Package chemarrow contains a type1 font but a map file is apparently 
    Solution is to create it with
    echo "arrow arrow <arrow.pfb" > chemarrow.map

Can you please report this to the chemarrow author?

    - The package "glyphlist" does not belong to any collection or scheme. I 
    guess it should be part of any basic installation, no?

It is a dependency of bin-dvipdfmx and bin-lcdftypetools, so in practice
it is always installed.  I'm not sure if it's a good idea to explicitly
add it to collection-basic.  Not that I have any big objection to doing
so, but it's possible to have a perfectly usable TeX installation
without it.

    - Some packages in texlive-humanities (bigfoot, ednotes) depend on
    packages in texlive-latexextra (ncctools), but this dependency is
    not stated.

Many dependencies are not stated.  There's no reliable way to determine
what they are or to maintain them as things change.

In TL, the only scheme which includes humanities+science is scheme-full,
which obviously includes latexextra.  

As for the downstream distributions based on collections, well, I
suppose I have no real objection to making collection-humanities (and
-science, probably, among others) depend on latexextra, if that's deemed
desirable.  It would make no difference to standard TL installs.

So I guess that question now goes back to you, and Frank, and whomever
else might be there in that position ...


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