[tex-live] Bug in TexLive 2005 and 2007? Non-writable aux-file

Ronny Fauth jadefalkner at imperium-noctem.de
Tue Mar 6 13:05:23 CET 2007


If someone announced this Bug before, i want to apologize but i haven't
found anything in the archive.

Okay, here is the way to generate the Bug:

touch ex.tex && echo
"\documentclass{book}\begin{document}TEXT\end{document}" > ex.tex

latex ex.tex

-- till here, everything is alright. But in *nix-systems there can be
problems with the rights of accessing a file.

chmod 444 ex.aux

latex ex.tex

-- as expected, latex wants to write the aux-file and can't do it,
interrupt it by pressing Ctl+C. After that press 'x' and look at your
tex-file. It is absolutely empty. The Reason can be found in the log


l.1 \documentclass{book}\begin{document}
Please type another output file name:
\openout1 = `ex.tex'.

! Interruption.
<to be read again>
l.1 \documentclass{book}\begin{document}
? x


LaTeX opens ex.tex instead of ex.aux. IMHO this is a very serious bug.

If you don't interrupt it an type "someothernameoffile" it will create a
"someothernameoffile.tex" which is wrong too. With
"someotherfilename.aux" everything is fine.

I've tested this with TeXLive2005 and TeXLive2007 and teTeX3.0.
Everytime the same in Linux. In Windows there is this bug to (the wrong
file extension) but there it doesn't empty the original tex-file. Tested
it there with TeXLive2007.

With an very old LaTeX this is my logfile:

This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (C version 6.1) (format=latex 98.1.6)  6
MAR 2007 1
**&/usr/lib/teTeX/texmf/web2c/latex-i386 ex.tex
LaTeX2e <1996/06/01>
Document Class: book 1996/05/26 v1.3r Standard LaTeX document class
File: bk10.clo 1996/05/26 v1.3r Standard LaTeX file (size option)
\c at part=\count79
\c at chapter=\count80
\c at section=\count81
\c at subsection=\count82
\c at subsubsection=\count83
\c at paragraph=\count84
\c at subparagraph=\count85
\c at figure=\count86
\c at table=\count87
) (ex.aux)
! I can't write on file `ex.aux'.
\document ...ate \openout \@mainaux \jobname .aux
                                                  \immediate \write
l.1 \documentclass{book}\begin{document}
Please type another output file name:
! Emergency stop.
\document ...ate \openout \@mainaux \jobname .aux
                                                  \immediate \write
l.1 \documentclass{book}\begin{document}
End of file on the terminal!

which is the right way to handle this.



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