[tex-live] TL2007 (win2k) problem with LH fonts

Yuri Izrailsky izrailsk at iacp.dvo.ru
Tue Mar 6 11:19:32 CET 2007

Hi all,

I have installed TL2007 on a computer running under win2k and
encountered several problems.

1.  During the installation program  which.exe (it is called by
tlpmgui.exe) had crashed several times (protected memory access),
though it seems to have little impact on installation process.

2. Documents typeset in russian language do not compile, because tfm
files for lh fonts are not generated during the installation process and
for some reason are not generated when I compile my document. With
TL2005 tfm files were generated on the fly.

3. kpsecheck.exe does not run because it is linked to tl90gs.dll which
is absent.

Problems 1 and 3 really do not matter and are listed just in case.
Please advise me how to solve problem #2.


Best regards,
 Yuri                          mailto:izrailsk at iacp.dvo.ru

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