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Mon Mar 5 08:58:54 CET 2007

Reinhard Kotucha <reinhard.kotucha at web.de> wrote: >>>>> "Siep" == Siep Kroonenberg  writes:

  > Of course you could also set environment variables via Settings /
  > Control Panel System / Advanced tab / Environment variables.

This is certainly much easier than setting the environment in Emacs.
It has some other advantages as well.
For the person who posted this thread, I can imagine this is true  but I am not 
 sure if that is the case for me.
 The endpoint I need is for a student to be able to put the DVD into a random 
 lab computer, probably a different one each time, and just start working. Because of its particular inter-operation with the R statistical language (these are Statistics students), Emacs is a necessary component. Asking students to click around setting environment variables each time will cost precious goodwill, so I am glad to put the work in on my side. I chose to go the Emacs route rather than tcl/tk (altering tlpmgui) because learning about that is something more likely to be useful to me in the near future than other alternatives. 
  Regarding ELisp, it's probably not necessary to use concat here.  I
think that (setenv "PERL5LIB" "D:\\perlt\\lib;D:\\perltl\\site\\llib")
is sufficient.  There is also a typo: "perlt". conact has to be used if something has to be added to an existing
environment variable:

(setenv "FOO" "abc")
(message (getenv "FOO"))
  --> "abc"
(setenv "FOO" (concat (getenv "FOO") "xyz"))
(message (getenv "FOO"))
  --> "abcxyz"

Don't forget the path separator (semicolon on Windows).

Though (concat () "zzz") returns "zzz" it is better to replace
(concat () "zzz") by "zzz".  Keep things as simple as possible.
    Your information and the examples are exactly what I needed and 
 will save me much time as I try to interact with Windows XP through 
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