[tex-live] Running Live - no access to C drive

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Mar 5 02:10:40 CET 2007

>>>>> "Siep" == Siep Kroonenberg <siepo at cybercomm.nl> writes:

  > Of course you could also set environment variables via Settings /
  > Control Panel System / Advanced tab / Environment variables.

This is certainly much easier than setting the environment in Emacs.
It has some other advantages as well.

Regarding ELisp, it's probably not necessary to use concat here.  I
think that (setenv "PERL5LIB" "D:\\perlt\\lib;D:\\perltl\\site\\llib")
is sufficient.  There is also a typo: "perlt".

conact has to be used if something has to be added to an existing
environment variable:

(setenv "FOO" "abc")
(message (getenv "FOO"))
  --> "abc"
(setenv "FOO" (concat (getenv "FOO") "xyz"))
(message (getenv "FOO"))
  --> "abcxyz"

Don't forget the path separator (semicolon on Windows).

Though (concat () "zzz") returns "zzz" it is better to replace
(concat () "zzz") by "zzz".  Keep things as simple as possible.

However, I strongly recommend to follow Siep's advice, though.

  > It might be a good idea if, for a dvd install, the installer asked
  > for a location of the private stuff.

Yes, but I think what you proposed some time ago (USERPROFILE) should
be the default. 


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